aerial hoop

'Exileosis' is a piece in Aerial Hoop performed by Kami-Lynne which is based on the idea that energy and movement are not created by the artists’ own thoughts, but that energy is channeled and expressed through the body by unconscious processes. It builds on the concept that energy is always present and that it simply has chosen the artists body as a medium to express itself, transforming its nature as it flows along.


The energetic, colorful and layered composition 'Exileosis', which translates to atonement or redemption, was the starting point for the creation of this act. Kami-Lynne intertwines dance and circus in this act.


Music: ’Exileosis’
Artist: Lingua Franca Ensemble
Composer: Michalis Cholevas 
Choreography: Tarek Rammo 


8 minutes



Rigging point minimum 400kg WLL at minimum 5 meters height

Floor space minimum 6 x 6 meters

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Picture: Megin Zondervan